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Through data analysis and creative campaign planning, we implement dynamic advertising strategies designed to generate leads, grow brand awareness, and ultimately increase sales. Rely on our digital marketing expertise to showcase your product offering and reach new heights in your industry!

Search Engine Optimization

Improve the visibility of your brand on search engines like Google and Bing. We create impactful SEO strategies that delivers an effective search presence for your brand and products.

Email Marketing

Never loose touch with your customers. Be it cart abondonment or engaging your loyal customers, email marketing campaigns forms a critical bridge between merchant and customers.

PPC Advertising

We setup PPC campaigns on Google, Meta and other platforms. Our focus on conversion rate and return on ad spend will deliver optimised PPC traffic to your Shopify website.

Social Media Marketing

Leveraging social media platforms and engaging your customers are important to maximize ROI. We help in connecting with your consumers wherever they are with your brand meaningful ways.

Content Strategy

Our commitment to innovation enables us to stay ahead of trends and anticipate future industry shifts. Our skilled content developers craft engaging and branded content for your business.

Analytics & Tracking

We monitor metrics such as page views, bounce rate, conversion rates and average session duration. This allows us to understand how visitors the Shopify website and identify areas of improvement.

The tools
we work with

In order to keep ahead of industry trends and ensure our clients receive state-of-the-art solutions, our team stays current on cutting-edge ecommerce software.
Here's a glimpse into just a few of those highly effective technologies we employ on a regular basis.

Google Analytics

About our team

From initial consultation and website design to content creation, digital marketing, and customer support, we offer everything needed to establish, maintain, and expand a thriving online presence.

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About us


Founder, ShopJets

The main task of our organization is to understand your goals as an ecommerce business and help you ace it with technology. Self-assessment of current activities and review of processes to formulate steps that achieve the desired outcome will be our key contribution.


Assessment and project formulation

We will understand your current state and the your desired state in the first few calls. With this as inputs we will get back to you with a project plan. The project plan will encompass technology choices, timelines and costing details.


Product development

In this phase we develop the brand identity, design language, website store front and other business facing integrations. With our systematic updates you will see the website come to life in front of your eyes.


Launching the brand

We help you launch your ecommerce brand to achieve its maximum potential. Our digital marketing team will guide you though the launch process and help you achieve optimum results.


Increasing the brand value

Increasing the brand value is a consistent and systematic endeavour. With our digital marketing campaigns you can optimise your marketing expenditure as per your business goals.


Realizing that each ecommerce venture possesses unique requirements, we adapt our pricing packages to accommodate all types of organizations. Our versatile approach ensures that everyone benefits from our premium services. Let us work together to discover the ideal solution for your distinctive situation.


For new shops with tight deadlines and minimal customisation needs

  • Shopify store setup with official theme
  • Basic integrations for logistics provider, payment gateways and marketing channels
  • Website setup within 2 weeks and support for 4 weeks


For all standard shops with standard branding and customisation needs

  • Shopify store setup with custom branding, custom theme and custom workflows for differentiated user experience
  • Advanced integrations for inventory management, logistics provider, payment gateways, marketing channels and CRO
  • Website setup within 4 weeks and support for 10 weeks


For complex shops with extensive customisation needs

  • Shopify store setup with detailed branding, theme and workflows requirements
  • Advanced systems for WMS, IMS, CRM, CMS and multimedia streaming
  • AI powered analytics, marketing and business processes
  • Customised delivery and support SLA


Joe Metcalfe

Bala worked incredibly collaboratively with us to help design the solution and was extremely generous with his time and invaluable insights. We will be working with Bala again.

Felipe Lille
VP of Products

Bala delivered a top quality work and we really enjoyed working with him. He has a great experience and he is extremely competent and committed to provide the best advise.

Poppy Beer
Director of Engineering

As ever, it is a pleasure working with Bala and the team. We have been working with him for 1.5 years on various projects. I would highly recommend working with Bala.

Marius Hjelset-King

I am really happy to have found Bala and his team. They have helped me launch my application and solve many technical challenges along the way. I'm looking forward to working with them again!

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While we don't have predefined pricing structures for Shopify development services, instead basing them on unique project specifics, here's a brief description of some major activities entailed in setting up a store:
  • Brand Identity Design - Creating appealing visual representation of your brand, including logos & colors
  • Setting Up Shopify Storefront - Constructing the front-end interface and integrating core features like payment gateways
  • Additional App Setup - Integration of external programs to augment your shop functionality
Since the extent of effort for each task varies based on distinctive circumstances, please reach out, so we can provide an accurate estimate reflecting your particular necessities. With significant expertise delivering superior eCommerce projects at competitive rates, let’s discuss helping your online venture thrive.

As authorized Shopify partners from India, our diverse team boasts members with specializations in web design, software development, and digital marketing. With these skill sets combined, we bring forth creative designs that capture customers' attention and make a lasting impression. Being proficient in the entire Shopify ecosystem, we assist eCommerce enterprises throughout every phase of their journey. From transitioning away from legacy systems to modernizing their stores with cutting-edge technology and APIs, we cover a wide range of assignments tailored to suit our clients' exclusive demands. This includes bespoke app creation within the Shopify platform, streamlining user experience and adding new functionalities that significantly benefit the bottom line. Our goal is always to provide valuable solutions that help business owners achieve their objectives efficiently and effectively. Let's explore how we can contribute to your online success story together.

Custom Shopify development refers to creating tailor-made applications specifically designed to optimize and streamline internal business processes. By using advanced tools and technologies provided by Shopify or its partners, developers can create efficient and effective solutions that help reduce operational costs, improve employee productivity, and ultimately drive more revenue for the company. Whether it's through building software from scratch or incorporating existing third-party elements, custom development is an excellent approach to boost overall performance. Throughout the process, experienced teams collaborate closely with each individual business to understand their precise needs and challenges and then propose suitable options accordingly. Ultimately, such custom development enables companies to stay ahead in today's rapidly evolving retail tech landscape, ensuring success and growth for years to come.

Certainly! As part of our service, we offer comprehensive maintenance and bug fixing support for websites developed by our team for a three month window following launch. During this period, we ensure everything works smoothly without interruptions caused by technical issues. Our commitment doesn't end after this initial stage, as we also offer annual retainer plans where we continue supporting, upgrading, and managing your Shopify website. Retainer packages include taking care of digital marketing on popular social media platforms like Google/Facebook/Instagram/TikTok, allowing you to focus on running your business while we handle technical details.

The amount of time required for the completion of a Shopify Plus migration or development project depends on several factors such as complexity, scope, and timeline goals established by the client. A basic store setup and migration project typically takes around two weeks from start to finish if there aren't any unforeseen delays or complications.
In contrast, more complex projects that require customized solutions and integration with other systems can take longer than basic migrations. These types of projects usually fall into a category requiring additional efforts and resources which means they would need at least eight to ten weeks to complete. This duration accounts for the necessary time required for planning, scoping, coding, quality assurance testing, and deployment. However, the timeline may vary depending on how quickly decisions can be made regarding the project’s direction and whether any changes need to be accommodated during development. It's important to remember that while deadlines are crucial, it's essential not to sacrifice quality for speed; thus, we prioritize providing high-quality results over meeting tight deadlines.

Our company provides a range of services including UI design, software development, and marketing campaigns. We feel that our ability to offer these different areas allows us to meet many of the needs of those looking for assistance with Shopify storefront development and management. To provide these services, we utilize a fixed-cost delivery model where we outline specific tasks and charge a set fee. Additionally, we also have a retainer model where we handle any technical or marketing issues that may arise on an ongoing basis, so clients can be confident their storefront is being well taken care of.