The simplest Shopify app to make your product images look fantastic

Simple installation

Simple to use

Using multiple applications to enhance your product images can be a hassle. This is the all-in-one app that you have been searching for.

Easy to use

Advanced AI capabilities

We use the most evolved AI algorithms in our app. We deliver impeccable quality on the background removal, image upscale and enhance filters.

Cost effective

Capture buyer attention

Images are the catalyst for success in this digital era. Catpure buyer's attention and boost brand credibility with our crisp images.


What does this app do for my Shopify store?

High search ranks

Improve search

Optimizing image will help make your website light and load faster. Faster page load times can get higher search engine rankings.

Capture attention

Attract customers

Crisp images work as a catalyst in the digital era thereby capturing buyers attention.

Brand credibility

Build trust

Good quality images boost the believability of your claims on website and builds brand credibility.

Reduce returns

Reduce returns

Visual impact created by optimized images can reduce returns. An appealing image can avoid cart abandonment.

Higher profits

Increase profits

Optimizing Shopify product images is a matter of anticipating what your customer wants thereby maximizing sales and profits.

Are you interested in building a credible trustworthy brand with a Shopify image optimization app?

How do we do it?

Image compression/conversion


Compress / Convert images in any format without losing quality.



Resize/Crop to produce the desired Shopify image sizes.



Create customized watermarks for your images with ease.

Overlays and badges


Add badges and overlays on your Shopify images with precision.



Sharpen, adjust, alter their contrast, brightness to produce clear and crisp images.

Image upscale


Produce high-quality images from low-resolution images without pixelation.

Background removal


Fast,accurate background removal to highlight your product.

Batch edits

Batch edits

Batch edit features at one go for your Shopify product images.

Image backup


Retrieve your images anytime with our Image back up feature.

The ShopJets Image Optimizer for Shopify

Tired of switching to different image editor apps for your Shopify product images? We can help you simplify it all in one place

Simple and fair pricing.


$ 1 per
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Ideal for checking the features in the app
  • 100 image edits
  • No backup storage


$ 5 per
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Ideal for standard Shopify stores
  • 10,000 image edits
  • 3 months backup


Most popular
$ 20 per
  • Free trial for 30 days
  • Ideal for large Shopify stores
  • 5x the capacity of the Standard plan
  • 50,000 image edit actions
  • 3 months backup storage

How can product image optimization propel my Shopify business?

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What can you do with ecommerce image management to bring in more traffic?

It is a key factor for increase in conversions and sales

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Recipe to effective image capture for ecommerce image management

What makes product photography stand out on your website?

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Image Optimizer for Shopify | Edit, retouch and optimize your product images

The simplest Shopify app to make your product images look fantastic.

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Why is image optimization an integral part of building a Shopify store business?

Optimized images rank higher in search engines.