Getting started

Posted on Jun 22, 2023

Product images are the important assets of your ecommerce business. Images connect the products to the customers. It is therefore important that the images are of high quality and perfection. Clear, crisp and well-composed images appeal to customers and grab their attention. You can employ image optimization and enhancement methods to produce fantastic images. Optimized images can make your website brand look appealing and trustworthy. It also makes your website page light and helps to load faster. It boosts your search rankings, since search engines weigh page load speed when determining rankings. Optimized images also can save significant amounts of bandwidth, improve user experiences, and boost site visibility. You can achieve significant gains in website traffic followed by increase in profits.

There are many professional image optimization tools in the market. They are expensive and complicated to set up and use. There are easy to use Shopify plugins as well in the market. However, they do not offer all the ideal tools for optimization in a single package. You may end up using multiple applications, thereby increasing your expense and effort.

The ShopJets Image Optimizer is a comprehensive image optimization tool that bundles ideal set of tools that are most frequently required to produce fantastic product images. It bundles a collection of standard image optimization features and AI-based optimization features into a single package. The application has two operating modes, image editor mode and the batch wizard. The image editor mode or the image edit mode is a simple intuitive tool to apply multiple optimization tool on a single image. You can work on the image with as many tools as you want and then publish the image to Shopify . The batch wizard, on the other hand allows you to apply a single optimization tool on a collection of images. You can then submit this optimized collection of images to Shopify.

Application dashboard

Application dashboard is the entry point to the application. You can view the profile of the store, the usage details and the count of the tools used by the store. The navigation menu on the left shows the different options on the application. The options available are

  • Image editor
  • Batch wizard
  • Tasks
  • Profile
  • Subscription
  • Help

This section describes the profile page or the dashboard of the application.

  • Navigation menu
  • Shopify store details
  • Usage details
  • Details of the filters used

Application modes

The application has two operating modes, the image editor and the batch wizard. If you want to use multiple optimization tools on a single image, then you can use the image editor tool. You can resize, watermark and even crop the selected image before you publish it to Shopify.

If you have a collection of images which you want to resize uniformly, then select the batch wizard. It will take you through the resize process and then submit the images to Shopify.

Edit modes

Tasks page

The Tasks page lists the tasks performed on the batch wizard . You can view image filters applied, operations performed, the number of images under processing and the status of the operations done in batch wizard. You can track and views all the tasks, its status on this page.


Subscription page

The subscription page lists all the available plans and the plan you are currently on. You can upgrade or cancel your plans as well.