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Step-by-step coaching for Shopify success

Personalized blueprint for your Shopify website

Strategies for increasing conversion rates

Unlock the full potential of your Shopify website with our step-by-step coaching program

Are you a Shopify enterpreneur? Do you aim to set-up an extremely efficient storefront quickly? We hear your call!

As pioneers in Shopify ecosystem, we strive to deliver practical, well-structured instructions tailored to cater to a future where successfully setting up a Shopify store is no longer a mystery but a reality.

Whether you're looking for comprehensive software setup instructions or a clear-cut UI/UX design guidance, our personalized, action-oriented coaching program is exactly what you need!


What we deliver

  • Complete setup process walkthrough
  • Direct one-on-one coaching
  • 20-step blueprint for your e-commerce website
  • Tailor-made coaching solution
  • Strategies for conversion rate optimization
  • Identify feature rich 3rd party apps

Our process

Bala, Founder of ShopJets

The main task of our coaching is to understand your goals as an ecommerce business and help you ace it with technology. Self-assessment of current activities and review of processes to formulate steps that achieve the desired outcome will be our key contribution.


Discovery Call

We will understand your current state and your desired state in the discovery call. If there is a strong match, we will invite you to join our one-on-one coaching program.


Blueprint Formulation

To ensure an effective learning outcome, we will schedule weekly dedicated one-on-one meetings at mutually agreed upon times. We will also share a customised 20-step blue print for your Shopify store development.


DIY Shopify Development

You will now proceed to develop your Shopify website using our 20-step blueprint. Our team will guide you though the DIY process and answer all the queries you might have during the setup.


Brand Outreach Planning

Increasing the brand value is a consistent and systematic endeavour. With our digital marketing strategy you can ace your e-commerce game and achieve your business goals.


Joe Metcalfe

Bala worked incredibly collaboratively with us to help design the solution and was extremely generous with his time and invaluable insights. We will be working with Bala again.

Felipe Lille
VP of Products

Bala delivered a top quality work and we really enjoyed working with him. He has a great experience and he is extremely competent and committed to provide the best advise.

Poppy Beer
Director of Engineering

As ever, it is a pleasure working with Bala and the team. We have been working with him for 1.5 years on various projects. I would highly recommend working with Bala.

Marius Hjelset-King

I am really happy to have found Bala and his team. They have helped me launch my application and solve many technical challenges along the way. I'm looking forward to working with them again!

Lets get started

Build your Shopify website with confidence and a clear path to your goals

  • Four one-on-one coaching sessions spread over a period of four weeks
  • A 20-point blueprint covering graphic design, software and digital marketing
  • Strategies for improving conversion rates and having a healthy customer following
  • Round the clock support via digital platforms for any clarifications
  • Post launch review after 30 days of completing the coaching programme

The initial discovery call lasts for thirty minutes, and there's no cost associated with it. If we both agree about the productive potential based on our conversation, we'll forward you the secure payment link. You can complete the purchase online via your preferred payment method. Once we receive the payment, we will send an email with the receipt for your payment. The coaching fee will be deducted from your account at this point.

Personalized Shopify Training

Limited time offer. Regular price $300

Four sessions of one-on-one coaching

20-step Shopify technology blueprint

Conversion optimization strategies

Get started

* You will not be charged anything at the moment. We will share the payment link after the discovery call.


The cost of the running a Shopify website depends of a few parameters. Here are some of the major building blocks that go into your Shopify website:
  • Graphical UI / UX Elements - They are the elements that creating appealing visual representation of your brand, including logos & colors. This can be achieved via Shopify themes. Shopify themes can range from 0 to 500 USD as a one time cost.
  • Core Shopify Storefront Elements - They are core front-end interface with crucial business facing elements including payment & logistics vendors. There are various options available in this front. The core Shopify subscription ranges from 40 to 400 USD as a monthly subscription cost. The vendor apps usually come free of cost.
  • 3rd Party Addon Elements - These are external programs to augment the functionality of your Shopify website. Highly successful Shopify websites use an average of 8 apps at a monthly cost of USD 100. The choice of the addon app dictates the final cost.
In summary, you can expect to spend anywhere between 0 to 500 USD as one time cost. In addition you can expect a monthly invoice between 40 to 500 USD from Shopify for its core software and addon apps. The charges for payment gateways and logistics will be dependent on the quantum on sales that happen on your website.

As part of the four-week course, we will offer regular one-on-one coaching sessions to support you as you progress through setting up your high performance Shopify website. These individualized sessions will focus on helping you overcome any obstacles or challenges you may encounter while working on the project. In addition, during each session, we will provide a clear roadmap outlining the steps required to build your Shopify website so that you can stay focused and organized throughout the process.

We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and want to make sure that every client feels confident in their purchase decision. That's why we guarantee a full refund within the first week of joining the program if you aren't completely satisfied with what you've learned. No question asked - simply reach out to us by email before the end of the first week, and we'll take care of everything. Our ultimate goal is for you to feel contented and proud of achieving your business objectives!

In order to continuously assist you in achieving success over the long term, we offer monthly retainer packages tailored to fit the needs of each unique client. Rest assured that we won't leave your side; we strive to remain flexible and adaptable so that we can partner with you on your journey every step of the way towards reaching your goals.

For those who need more flexibility in managing their one-on-one sessions credit balance, roll-over credits is an option. While most clients prefer to utilize all credits within four weeks, you could avail them any time within 90 days after joining. Remember, we always prioritise your convenience and adaptability when offering solutions to best suit your requirements.

Apart from coaching you to setup your Shopify website, we also provide built for you services. We build the Shopify website from ground you and deliver a fully functional website to you. Our services are in the three main areas viz - graphic design, software and digital marketing. We provide comprehensive Shopify website development services. We also specialize in custom graphic design and user experience enhancements to ensure your online presence stands out. Additionally, our team of experts excel at crafting innovative software integrations that seamlessly connect various aspects of your business. With regards to digital marketing efforts, count on us to create personalized campaigns aimed at capturing new leads and nurturing existing ones. Last but not least, we offer a hassle-free management solution where we handle every aspect of your website maintenance leaving you free to concentrate solely on growth opportunities.