Background removal

Posted on Jun 22, 2023

Product images are critical to an ecommerce business's success and brand recognition. This is because online consumers make purchases based solely on visually engaging pictures. Users think with their eyes and are therefore impressed by lasting impressions.

Background removal example

Do you notice any difference between the above images? A clean and clear background can make a huge difference in your product images. Removing the background from the images reveals more detail and makes the image more visually appealing. This, in turn, encourages buyers to purchase your product, thereby boosting your sales. Noisy backgrounds are a big mistake in e-commerce product photography. They pull the attention away from the product and its features. A neutral background replaces it, allowing the user to see all the product features up close when they pinch and zoom the image. Some of the leading marketplaces often prefer white background for the product images to ensure quality. Removing background and replacing them with a pure white backdrop ensures consistency throughout the product range. A neutral background requires less editing thereby consuming less effort and time. Our background removal tool is very accurate and captures of every detail of the product when removing the background.

This section shows you how to use the Background removal tool.Select the image using the product search filters. For more information, refer Product search.

  • Select the Backgroundtool.
  • Background
  • You can set a background color for your image. The selected colour is applied after the distracting background is removed.
  • background options
  • After you've set the background color, you can proceed to process your image to view the result.