Posted on Jun 22, 2023

Cropping an image, particularly an e-commerce image, is a straightforward editing procedure that helps you develop the greatest composition or frame for the product photo. It requires careful decision-making to understand what to remove. In addition, it may assist in eliminating the unwanted areas on the sides and bringing the main subject into view. When you crop an image, you remove a portion of an image to create a better composition or frame or to focus on the subject. It draws an imaginary crop rectangle or a square around a focal point on the image and it removes everything outside this rectangle. Removing certain sections of the image results in reduction of pixels, and therefore the size.

The cropping tool in our application has two modes, aspect ratio and the square. In the aspect ratio mode, the image is cropped without compromising its aspect ratio. Aspect ratio is a proportional relationship between the width and the height of the image. When you crop an image, it can distort the aspect ratio as pixels are removed. There is a need to maintain this aspect ratio of height to width so as to not distort the image. The cropping tool in our application crops the picture around a focal point on the image. The focus point here is the centre of the image and it draws an imaginary crop rectangle around the focal point. The portion outside the rectangle is removed and the image is cropped. The size of this crop rectangle depends on your choice of crop slider value.


In the square mode, the image is cropped in the aspect ratio of 1:1. The focal point is the centre of the image and an imaginary crop square is drawn. The portion outside the square is removed for the cropping. The dimension of the square depends on the crop slider value. The lower side of the image is taken for consideration for the crop. For example, if the original image size is 750px X 500px, then the resultant cropped image dimension will depend on the lower value of 500px. In the picture below, the image of size 750px X 500px is resized to 400px X 400px. The crop tool tracks the lower side of the image for square cropping.


The slider values used on the crop tool depicts the percentage of the width. The slider on the crop options is on the rightmost edge signifying the image to be on 100% of its width. The crop slider represents the change in the percentage of width. As you move the slider to the left, the percentage of width reduces, thereby changing the crop rectangle. The lowest you can crop is 25% of the width.

This section shows you how to use the Crop tool. Select the image using the product search filters. For more information, refer Product search.

  • Select the Crop tool.
  • Crop
  • Move the crop slider to set the dimensions. You can crop upto 25% of the image width.
  • crop options
  • After you've set the cropping dimensions, you can proceed to process your image to view the result..