Image editor

Posted on Jun 22, 2023

The image editor allows you to apply multiple enhancement tools on a single image. Assume you have a product image with two problems. The problems are a distracting background and a low resolution. You can fix the distracting background by using the background removal tool on the image editor. Then, use the upscale image tool to solve the low resolution issue of the image. After you've fixed the two problem, you can then be publish the image to Shopify.

The optimization tools available on the image editor include

  • Resize
  • Crop
  • Compression
  • Enhancing
  • Upscaling
  • Background removal
  • Watermark
  • Overlay

This section describes the operation on the image editor.

  • Select Image editor from the navigation menu on the application dashboard.
  • Select the image using product search filter. For more details on the search filters ,refer Product search
  • Single
  • After you’ve selected the image, select the enhancement tool from the image editor. In the example described above, the image needed background removal and upscale tool.
  • Single tools
  • Select the Background tool. Remove the background and select another background colour, for example, orange. Then click Process image to view the change.
  • Single publish
  • After the background tool, select the Upscale to the fix the low resolution issue. Click Process image for the upscaling. Finally click Publish to Shopify button to your optimized image to Shopify.
  • Single publish