Posted on Jun 22, 2023

Applying overlay badges to your images can make them stand out. The images will appear on your customer's search and bring them to your website. You can apply any badge or overlay on your image to convey extra information required for the customer. For instance, a new arrival badge on the products can reach out to customers looking for new products on your website. You can overlay sale badges on the images to announce discounts on your products. Use appropriate mode based on the image count that you are handling. If you need to overlay a badge on one or two images, use image editor. Otherwise for a group of product images, use the batch processing wizard.

overlay example

The section below takes you through the process of using the Overlay tool. Select the image using the product search filters. For more information, refer Product search.

  • Select the Overlay tool.
  • overlay
  • Set the overlay parameters.
    • Select the position of the badge. There are four options, top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right.
    • You can choose the badges to apply from the given set.
    • Badge width is measured as a percentage of image width. If you consider the image to have 100% width, then the badge will be a portion of the image. You can choose the value from the slider.
    • You can set the position of the badge from the image margin. The badge margin is expressed as a percentage of image width.
    overlay options
  • After you've set the overlay parameters, you can proceed to process your image to view the result..